Selasa, 05 Juni 2012

The MBA Rush

Its rather unfortunate that in India only MBA degree seems to provide a launching pad to take one's career to a different orbit. All other professional degrees require a much longer gestation period. Therefore, every top-grade B-school gets huge number of applications even from professional degree holders such as Engineers, Software Professionals, Doctors. Chartered Accountants, Cost Accountants , Lawyers. Hotel Management Graduates etc. The Indian scene has now started following the global trend where people are coming back to an institution after working for a few years because pre and post MBA position differentials are significant.
Other than this pre-post difference in terms of money and responsibilities, work experience soon teaches you that "doing your job" and "getting job done" are two different competencies. While all other professional degrees teach you only the first, MBA teaches you both, the first and the second because a Managers job is to get work done.
The moment you become responsible for somebody else's work you need knowledge of management. For example, a salesman doesn't so much need any knowledge of management; he can deliver good results on the strength of his product knowledge, persuasive ability; energy, enthusiasm, intuition and common sense. However, a Sales Manager or Team Leader needs knowledge of management because he is required to coordinate activities if others and is also responsible for others performance. Appreciative intelligence, energy, persuasive ability, intuition and common sense can certainly serve a non-MBA manager well, but a structured knowledge of MBA does provide the manager a perspective that remains applicable across situations an people. There are many high performing managers who may not be MBA's as they have learnt all the nuances of management through their rich experience that cannot be substituted by anything, however, the MBA learn many of those tricks of the trade faster as they have a perspective that help them to join all the dots to clarify the picture.
MBA's are also emerging as a community, not yet professional enough to be registered by a single association with a common code of ethics. This community is highly networked and reasonably powerful. Currently, the community identity is defined by the institution from which one graduates, but we notice initiatives where alumni of many institutions are networking to create a larger MBA community, The rush for MBA is also to join such a prestigious community.


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