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13 First steps after installing Ubuntu

#1 - Add medibuntu repositorium:

Enter command in the terminal(all on one line!): sudo wget --output-document=/etc/apt/sources.list.d/medibuntu.list

Enter command in the terminal(all on one line!): sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install medibuntu-keyring && sudo apt-get update

#2 - Updating Ubuntu

sudo apt-get update (downloads list of updates)
sudo apt-get upgrade (downloads & installs updates)

#3 - Make it so that bootloader won't wait 3 seconds:
- command in the terminal:
sudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst
- change to timeout:0 and save
ps. You can still get to grub menu by pressing esc repeatedly

#4 - Installing the Tahoma font (enter the following commands copy&paste line by line):

cd ~
sudo unzip -d /usr/share/fonts/truetype/msttcorefonts ~/
sudo fc-cache -f -v
rm -f ~/

#5 - Install useful packs in synaptic (or in the terminal: sudo apt-get install package name)

- codecs:
w32codecs (for 64 bit sytems w64codecs)
- windows fonts: msttcorefonts
- MSN clients: empathy, pidgin, emesene, amsn
- Skype: skype-static-oss
- flash: flashplugin-nonfree
- java: sun-java6-jre and sun-java6-plugin
- Best movie player: mplayer (or smplayer)
- VLC media player (supposed to run HD videos better than mplayer?): vlc
- realplayer: realplayer
- ftp-client: filezilla
- For unpacking files: rar, unrar and p7zip-full
- If using an ipod: gtkipod and ipodslave
- for running windows programs: wine
(check out what you can run first:

*- SMS support for skype:
a) Go to and download Skype4Py-
b) Right click and "extract here"
c) In the terminal go to the opened package and write sudo python install
d) Download
e) Right click and "extract here"
f) Run Skype
g) in the terminal go to where you installed skysentials and run program

#6 - Gnome fonts smaller and more windows like
1) Start menu: Computer -> Preferences -> Appearence -> Fonts: Sizes 8,5 for everything and for font Tahoma
2) Computer -> Preferences-> Qt 4 Settings -> GUI style: "Plastique" jand Fonts: Tahoma and size 8
3) Icons smaller: Start menu -> Locations -> Home Catalog -> menu redactor -> preferences -> change sizes to 66%, 66% and 50%

#7 - Website fonts (Firefox): Tools -> Options -> Content -> (Fonts & Colors):
Default font: times new roman 16
Proportional: serif 16
Serif: times new roman
Sans-serif: arial
Monospace: courier new 13
Minimum font size: none

#8 - Picasa photoalbum: (download and run)

(#9) - Best CD-DVD burner K3b install (if Brasero isn't enough) - also the easiest CD ripper
sudo apt-get install k3b language-pack-kde-et-base language-pack-kde-et lame
sudo chown sinukasutajanimi ~/.kde -R
For ripping mp3's: K3b -> configurations-> K3b configurations -> Plugins -> K3b External Audio Encoder -> configure -> Mp3 (Lame) -> change-> change line copy&paste:
lame -h --preset extreme --add-id3v2 --tt %t --ta %a --tl %m --ty %y
--tc %c --tn %n - %f

(#10) - Removing openoffice red lines from under the text (shuts spellcheck off):
Tools -> Preferences -> language preferences -> Typing tools-> uncheck "Spellcheck while writing" and "Grammar check while writing"
If need arises you can just manually use it by pressing F7

#11 - Faster UBUNTU:

1) Removing unnecessary services
sudo apt-get install sysvconfig (downloads & installs sysvconfig)
sudo sysvconfig (runs it)

ChooseEnable/Disable (press Enter) And remove/Choose with space the services:
apmd -only for laptops and/or using UPS
apport - Notifies you of errors
(avahi-daemon - remove if you're not using a printer, scanner etc.
bluetooth - Delete if you're not gonna use bluetooth
brltty - remove, necessary for handicaped
cups - Necessary for printing
dns-clean - remove (only for dial-up connections)
hotkey setup - laptop keys (sound, brightness) - remove if you're not using a laptop
laptop-mode - for laptops
pcmciautils - for laptops
ppp-dns - remove (necessary for old ADSL modems)
readahead - remove
readahead-desktop - remove
rsync - remove
samba - necessary for windows LAN
saned - For scanners
ssh - If you want to remotely access ubuntu
windbind - necessary for samba
wpa-ifupdown - necessary for wifi
...dont touch anything else
- pick "OK" (press tab) -> "Finished" -> "Quit"

2) Remoce unecessary GNOME services
Start menu -> Computer-> Preferences -> Startup Applications:
Bluetoothi manager - if using bluetooth
Remote desktop - if you want to remotely access you computer
Print queve applet - For printers
Update notifier - notifies of updates (you can take it off and enter sudo apt-get update ja sudo apt-get upgrade once a week)
Visual aid - for handicaps

3)Remove effects:
Start menu -> Computer -> preferences -> appearance -> Visual Effects -> None

4) If that's not enough then:

#12 - Remove annoying "beep-sound"
sudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist
And add the line:
blacklist pcspkr
& save. Will go into effect after restart

*Ubuntu startup sound off:
Start menu -computer- preferences - sound - top "sounds" - uncheck

#13 - Connecting with Wifi (Startup) always asks for "Keyring"-password?
rm $HOME/.gnome2/keyrings/default.keyring
Next time it asks for a new password leave everything empty and press ok


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