Selasa, 05 Juni 2012

Great Leaders Have Clarity & Self-Knowledge to Bring their People to the Right Path

Leaders are different from managers although sometimes both traits are present in one person. A manager makes sure that the company systems and employees are working, the data is converted into information, and the information is given to those who will make decisions about them within a framework of time and a budget. He or she is focused on administratively or personally doing tasks properly. He or she also solves problems to keep these tasks going properly. A leader, on the other hand, focuses on guiding the organization and people to do the right things.
Clarity and self-knowledge are needed for a leader to direct and motivate people to the right path. Self knowledge includes the talents, skills, strengths and weaknesses of the leader and his or her people, including the managers. These are all used to efficiently and cost-effectively attain the vision, mission, desires and plans of the organization or project. Clarity is needed for the desires and plans to be carried out in the way it needs to be done. They work together so that there is no confusion, and the strengths and weaknesses are used or made up for by those who are skilled at it.
The need to know these things is further emphasized when the leader is stretched to do more than the plan to get it to work, and when changes are happening within the company and to the economy. The most important skill that is used by the leader is communication. Good communication gets the message to the right people and makes them want to do what is needed in a proper manner plus it makes them feel good. Bad communication makes people feel attacked or used and not appreciated so the results or feelings are usually not good either.
The skills of clarity and communication can be learned but self-knowledge is something you seek for yourself because many of the items here are not all learned from school or experience. Some are innate talents that were never given the opportunity to come out before. Different or extreme situations can show a person a different side to himself or herself. Some leaders are better at extreme situations than others. The great leaders can handle people, situations, and money all at the same time while others can only handle some. The important thing is that what needs to be handled is done properly.
Doing things properly includes making money and using it well. Whether the leader is handling a business or an organization like a foundation or charity, money is used to keep the business running, for the benefit of a charity, and for profit. The proper use of money includes using it to make more, to produce the desired result, and for the benefit of the charity involved.

Is it easier to be a great leader now? Do you know what talents to develop to become a better one? You can do it!


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