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Blackberry Battery Saving Tips

Welcome! What you’ll find here is a how to guide to make your Blackberry Battery last longer. Blackberry’s batteries are not the longest lasting. The Blackberry services, namely, e-mail, internet browsing, WIFI, to name a few, really kills your battery life. There are some cool tricks which you can use to save you battery life and stop that annoying low battery LED orange flash, well at least postpone it!

Tip 1

One of the easiest ways to increasing battery life is to reduce the brightness of your screen and the length of time the backlight stays on. This is done as follows:
  • Click the Blackberry Button to open menu;
  • Scroll down to the icon with the spanner (Options) and select it;
  • Scroll to “Screen/Keyboard” and select it;
  • Scroll to “Backlight Brightness” and adjust it. Mine is set to 40. Set it as low as possible;
  • Now scroll to “Backlight timeout” and reduce this to 10 seconds.

Tip 2

Another great way to improve your battery life is to turn off key tones. They really serve no purpose and turning it off will save battery. To do this:
  • Click the Blackberry Button to open menu;
  • Scroll down to the icon with the spanner (Options) and select it;
  • Scroll to “Screen/Keyboard” and select it;
  • Scroll to “Key Tone” and turn it off.

Tip 3

The settings that you have set regarding how you are notified when certain things happen on your phone can also have a huge impact on your battery. By adjusting some of the settings, you will still be notified and save more battery. Blackberry messenger is my most used application and so I have streamlined how I get notified of new messages. Follow the subsequent steps:
  • Click the Blackberry Button to open menu;
  • Scroll down to the icon with the spanner (Options) and select it;
  • Scroll to “Profiles” and select it;
  • Select the relevant profile that you use.
  • The following points below follow on from the above steps:

Regarding Blackberry Messenger New Message:

I have set two profiles, if you set that you get notified by vibrate and tone, then every time that you get a new message, even if you are looking at the screen, the phone will vibrate and make a noise for no purpose. You can see that there is a new message, so this vibrate and tone or just vibrate is a huge waste.
  • Select “Out of Holster” and choose “None”, then scroll to “Repeat Notification” and select LED Flashing. When you receive Blackberry Messages now, only the LED indicator light will flash, thus saving you a fortune of battery life.
You may ask, “How will I know I have received a message if the phone is my pocket?”
This is where having two profiles set up helps, follow the above steps, but this time select a different “Profile” from that selected before, set it up exactly how the first one is set up, with all your personal choices and now under “Blackberry Messenger New Message” select vibrate.
This is where it gets a little tricky:
  • Leave your phone on the second profile you have just set up. When you receive a Blackberry Message, change your profile to the first one we set up. 

Regarding Phone Call settings:

You may have your vibrate set from 1-3. Change this to 1 or 2 if it is on 3. This will also save you a lot of battery life.

Tip 4

Probably one of the biggest users of your battery is the WIFI. This does not need to be left on, if you get into the habit of doing it, you will find that your battery life will last much longer when compared to when your WIFI is left on all the time. In the same light, turning off your Bluetooth when not in use will also save a lot of battery life. To turn off your WIFI and Bluetooth:
  • Click the Blackberry Button to open menu;
  • Scroll to an icon that looks like an antenna “Manage Connections” and select it;
  • In this menu, unselect Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, you should see a red cross on the right after this is done.

Tip 5

A great way to save battery power is to put your phone is “Standby Mode”. By putting your phone in this mode you will prevent the backlight being activated by the accidental pressing of buttons. You will still be notified of phone calls, text messages, e-mails, blackberry messages and all other notifications in the usual way. The phone will still ring and vibrate. To activate this mode do the following:
  • On the Blackberry 8520 Curve, hold the middle button on the top of the phone for 3 seconds;
  • Your phone will say “Entering Standby Mode....” within a further 3 seconds the screen will go dark.
  • If you press any of the buttons on your keypad, the screen will not be activated.
  • If you press the Answer, Blackberry, Return or Hang-up buttons the screen will reactivate but you phone will still say “In Standby Mode....” and will, within 3 seconds, go dark again.
  • On the Blackberry 8900 and Bold the button to press and hold is at the top of the phone, the right button. Follow the same procedure as above.
  • To deactivate standby mode, press the same button you pressed to activate it just once and your phone will be taken out of standby mode.


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